Friendship Series

I’ve spent a lot of time this school year meeting new people.

It has been a semester and a half of constant coffee dates and impromptu photo shoots, two things that I dearly love. Being in college, specifically at Liberty, the act of meeting people is always fun and exciting. You never know who you are going to come across and you never know where that meeting may lead. It’s exciting, liberating, freeing, and emotionally uplifting. 

This year I have seen community in a brand-new way. It’s a simple decision to go out of your way for someone even if it is inconvenient for you at that time. Or a quick rearrangement of plans so that you can see a friend quickly before their class. It’s a simple text a few times a week asking how you can pray or a bowl of popcorn of a Tuesday night. I’ve found that it can be a spontaneous trip to D.C. on a Friday. Or a midday photoshoot with your best friends. A voice memo in the middle of the night telling someone you woke up thinking about them and you hope they know that they are loved. Or a drive up a mountain at three a.m. to talk about what’s on someone’s mind. It’s learning how to say I love you even when it’s not expected in a conversation. A movement to take someone’s trash away from the table. Or an offer to buy someone fries at a coffee shop. A handwritten note that you put on a wall or a Meryl Streep book that they know inspires you.

I’ve found that investing in someone means more than just friendship. Especially when the Lord is involved. He collides the souls, so that He flows through conversation like waves. He shows up on car rides at night and through Wendy’s runs after tanning. He comes into a dorm room once a week through a tight-knit group of women who want to change the world. It has been so amazing to be around people who make me think more and who challenge me to be better constantly.

With all of this being said, I am going to start a new series on this page. A bio-series if you will, of all of these people. I want to share their hearts with you because I know how powerful they are. They’re incredible people and I hope that you follow along.