Nicole Cuddy

IG: @nicolecuddy

Hilarious. Strong. Stubborn as Dundee. Incredibly fast in both speed and wit. Very smart and driven. Loyal. Weird. The best salad and breakfast maker of all time.


I have no idea where to begin when it comes to Nicole. She has been one of the most constant things in my life since fourth grade. Finding a friend as a kid that will most definitely last a lifetime is something that I don’t think happens often and its something that I am so deeply grateful for. Nicole is the kind of person that you meet and instantly smile. She’s wild and free and its incredible. Growing up together was interesting. As a kid, Nicole was heavily involved in gymnastics so, a lot of our relationship consisted of us hanging out after gym practices and me tagging along to gym meets. Those nights in hotel rooms together are some of the best memories.


For me, one of my favorite things about being friends with Nik has been being able to watch her grow into who she is today. She has fought her way through any insecurity and walks through life confidently and proudly. She raises her chin and shows her strength and that’s something that I have wanted to emulate for years. I have adored this girl for almost eleven years now but I think that this time in my life is my favorite.


We are separated by a six-hour drive and that has forced us to, in my opinion, come closer together than ever before. We have killed the whole long-distance thing and it has made our time together so much sweeter. I cherish every chance I have to sit with her and watch Alice in Wonderland or every chance I have to sit and talk with her mom. I love visiting her at the greenhouse and hearing about how many plants she had to water that day. I love listening to her talk about flowers and I love laughing about how much she knows about petunias. I love listening to her talk about what she’s learning in school and I am floored by how smart she is. I love thinking about how much we have changed as individuals throughout the years and I love laughing about how different we are now. I have loved watching her grow in her faith and sob every time she texts me about what she’s learning about the Lord. Her heart for others and her heart for me is amazing and it is the softness of that part of her that makes me smile.


Nik, you know how important you are to me already so sit with this. Keep pushing forward. Keep chasing excellence in school and in your walk with the Lord. Keep being yourself. Keep wearing your apron and dancing to Whitney Huston unabashedly. Keep sending me national geographic posts and keep looking at the stars at night. I will always drive with you late in the night and I will always sing Disturbia with you. You are so loved babe.